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I am a professional Spanish Teacher online with a bachelor's degree and certification like Spanish Teacher with 4 years of the experience teaching online and person. I´ve been working in Toronto for one year.

If you are interesting you could try me 30 minutes for free and we can speak about your goals, needs and show you how I make the lesson.

The benefits to study with me it would be:

- Lessons with focus in oral communication.
- With some effort and at least 2 lessons per week I promise you are going to learn.
- I try to do fun lessons ( I can give you the contact of other students that are with for more of one year).
- I´ll provide all the materials that you need for learn.
- Flexible timetables.
- If you don´t like my lessons or you can´t take in this moments whatever the reasons, you will be able to stop.
- Pay after each lesson.
- "happy money" if you don´t like some lesson you don´t have to pay.

My rates are:

HKD 226/hour ( for 2 or less lessons per week)
HKD 199/hour ( for 3 or more lesson per week)

I´ll provide you book, materials and homework if you want.

My recommendation is to do a minimum 2-3 hours a week.

*You can try me for 30 minutes.

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