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Professor of Finance in Hong Kong is available for basic and advanced finance topics, whether practical or theoretical, marketing and business communications (both verbal and written skills). I have over 5 years teaching undergrads and post graduates in portfolio management, fixed income, equity derivatives, futures, options and other derivatives and corporate finance,business communications and negotiations. I also have over 20 years practical experience in these areas with first tier firms and my own firm (in Futures and options, both listed and OTC and presently corporate finance advisory, which can assist you in understanding real world applications and examples). My students come from both finance and non-finance backgrounds. I am flexible in my schedule, location, and pricing and will work with you to achieve an A in your class or assignment or excel in your career. In addition as a business plan and financial market analyst, writer and banker I also provide tutoring and work assistance/development in Business communications and writing and have tutored and taught standardized tests such as SAT, LSAT and GMAT prep, both English comprehension, essays, math and analytical skills in HK and Macau to gifted, average, and struggling students as well. References and excellent recommendations from my current and past students are available. I am based in Central but will travel throughout HK, Macau, and Shenzhen, etc. to assist you. I look forward to meeting you.
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