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Hey if you're still learning '你好吗' (ni hao ma) or '马马虎虎' (ma ma hu hu),stop immediately, and I'll show you how real Chinese speak!

I'm Freddy. Born and raised in Beijing, I've taught Mandarin professionally for over 11 years. I'm also fluent in English and can easily explain the nuances of Mandarin. Regardless of your ability, I can help you quickly master Chinese so you can:

λ Confidently Travel in China
λ Conduct Business in Chinese
λ Pass your Chinese Tests
λ Impress that special someone
λ and more!

Everyone says Chinese is a difficult language, well, I guess they just didn't find the right teacher.

Tailored specifically for your needs and goals.

Email: näytä yhteystiedot
Facebook: Freddy Guo
WeChat: gy140331
Reasonable Rates: 240 HKD/hour (free trial)
*Group rates and packages available

Private and Group tutoring lessons include, but not limited to:
Daily Mandarin Chinese Conversation
Pronunciation and Tones
Business Mandarin Chinese
Travel Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese Songs Appreciation
Classic Mandarin Chinese Studies
Mandarin Chinese Poetry Appreciation
HSK Preparation Assistance
Intensive Mandarin Chinese Lessons
Advanced Mandarin Chinese Lessons
Writing and Reading Mandarin Chinese Characters Hanzi
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